Xfer Serum – Injected (Presets)


Patches for Serum – Xfer Records



26 New Bass presets
2 New Drum presets
15 New EFX presets
4 New Piano/Keyboard presets
9 New Lead presets
13 New Pad presets
5 New Plucked presets
6 New Sequenced presets
9 New Noise samples
11 New Synth presets

Full list of presets/patches:

BASS-001 [SG].fxp
BASS-002 [SG].fxp
BASS-003 [SG].fxp
BASS-004 DubStep Mod Wheel [SG].fxp
BASS-006 Mod Wheel Reso Pluck [SG].fxp
BASS-007 Killaz [SG].fxp
BASS-008 Chop Syn Bass [SG].fxp
BASS-009 Inject it now [SG].fxp
BASS-010 [SG].fxp
BASS-011 [SG].fxp
BASS-012 [SG].fxp
BASS-013 PP [SG].fxp
BASS-014 [SG].fxp
BASS-015 Simple House 1 [SG].fxp
BASS-016 Simple House 2 [SG].fxp
BASS-017 Simple House 3 [SG].fxp
BASS-018 Grinded Tail Bass [SG].fxp
BASS-019 Bad Buzz [SG].fxp
BASS-020 Supa Low +7 [SG].fxp
BASS-021 Bottom Vibe [SG].fxp
BASS-022 Gentle Low 7+ [SG].fxp
BASS-023 Super Sub Destroyer [SG].fxp
BASS-024 Gliding [SG].fxp
BASS-025 Gliding 2 [SG].fxp
BASS-026 Gliding 3 [SG].fxp

DRUM-001 Kick Short 1 [SG].fxp
DRUM-002 Kick Short 2 [SG].fxp

FX-001 EL-Buzz [SG].fxp
FX-002 Laser-Verb [SG].fxp
FX-003 En-Harmonics [SG].fxp
FX-004 Rhythmic Tesla Gone Wild.fxp
FX-005 Scratch Loop 1 [SG].fxp
FX-006 Scratch Loop 2 [SG].fxp
FX-007 Scratch Loop 3 [SG].fxp
FX-008 Scratch Loop 4 [SG].fxp
FX-009 Speaker Stress Test [SG].fxp
FX-010 60’s Laser Show [SG].fxp
FX-011 [SG].fxp
FX-012 Crickets [SG].fxp
FX-013 Thunder [SG].fxp
FX-014 [SG].fxp
FX-015 [SG].fxp

KEY-001 Dark Gentle Piano [SG].fxp
KEY-002 Bright Grand Piano [SG].fxp
KEY-003 Bright Grand Piano + Synth [SG].fxp
KEY-004 Bright Grand Piano + Synth 2 [SG].fxp

LEAD-001 Dist Guitar [SG].fxp
LEAD-002 Mono Lead Downsampled [SG].fxp
LEAD-003 Brightener [SG].fxp
LEAD-004 Rusty Lead [SG].fxp
LEAD-005 Extinct Lead [SG].fxp
LEAD-006 Extinct Lead 2 [SG].fxp
LEAD-007 Bending Needles [SG].fxp
LEAD-008 [SG].fxp
LEAD-009 [SG].fxp

PAD-001 FAT AIR [SG].fxp
PAD-002 Meaow Wow [SG].fxp
PAD-003 Aurora 2015 [SG].fxp
PAD-004 Delicate phase [SG].fxp
PAD-005 Wanderer [SG].fxp
PAD-006 JP Style [SG].fxp
PAD-007 JP Style 2 [SG].fxp
PAD-008 Response [SG].fxp
PAD-009 Bright-Reso Wheel [SG].fxp
PAD-010 Electrified Syn Pad [SG].fxp
PAD-011 Major Synth-Voice Pad [SG].fxp
PAD-012 Next Pad Please [SG].fxp
PAD-013 This Pad Please [SG].fxp

PLUCK-001 [SG].fxp
PLUCK-002 [SG].fxp
PLUCK-003 DLY[SG].fxp
PLUCK-004 [SG].fxp
PLUCK-005 [SG].fxp

S-CHAIN-001 Response [SG].fxp
S-CHAIN-002 Basic M [SG].fxp
S-CHAIN-003 Basic B52 [SG].fxp
S-CHAIN-004 JP Style [SG].fxp
S-CHAIN-005 B-Rite [SG].fxp
S-CHAIN-006 B-Rite Short [SG].fxp

SEQ-001 [SG].fxp
SEQ-002 House Beat 1 [SG].fxp
SEQ-003 House Beat 2 [SG].fxp
SEQ-004 Tap Tap dada [SG].fxp
SEQ-005 Noiz-Hat Groove [SG].fxp
SEQ-006 Digital Riff [SG].fxp
SEQ-007 Digital Riff 2 [SG].fxp
SEQ-008 Bass Talking Back 2U [SG].fxp
SEQ-009 Hypnotize Your Brain FX [SG].fxp

SYNTH-001 Brite Cheezy Vibe [SG].fxp
SYNTH-002 Slope DN [SG].fxp
SYNTH-003 Slope DN2 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-004 Mod Wheel House [SG].fxp
SYNTH-005 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-006 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-007 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-008 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-009 Yeah +7 [SG].fxp
SYNTH-010 WOW Disonance [SG].fxp
SYNTH-011 [SG].fxp


Xfer Serum – Is a new great plug-in instrument developed by Xfer Records. The A and B oscillators used in it are built around the most advanced wavetable engine ever seen. Serum will get a 2-D waveform view by default, but clicking on the plug-in’s image – seems like revealing a beautiful 3-D wavetable display that shows the current wave cycle, or ‘form’.

By using Serum – Wave-forms can be blended statically or dynamically using regular cross-fading or harmonic/spectral morphing, the latter mutating from one to the next by adapting the level and phase of individual frequencies.


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